Cosmetic procedure using Zoom whitening and tooth colored bonding in Frisco, TX

Procedure Details

Patient had Zoom whitening done, which is an in-office procedure where you get to your whitest shade in one day/appointment. The Zoom also comes with custom trays so the patient can touch up the whitening at home as needed. Patient also had old composite bonding on anterior teeth that have discolored and stained. We changed those out and matched to her new white shade. This was all done in 2 short appointments and made a huge difference to her smile.

Frisco, tx Teeth whitening

Patient had the Zoom whitening procedure done in office. After her teeth were a whiter shade we changed out her old composite bonding on her anterior teeth. The old bonding had become discolored. We took out the old bonding and replaced it with a whiter shade. These simple procedures made a drastic change and really brightened patient's smile. 


Stonebriar Dental

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